Giving feedback in 4 easy steps

This feedback model is called the BEEF model (Two examples:1 to acknowledge great performance and 2 to address under performance).

  • B is for Behaviour (I need to give you some feedback on the report you produced for the team meeting or I need to talk to you about your contribution at the meeting this morning)
  • E is for Example (Your report was very comprehensive and I particularly liked the fact that you asked people for input prior to presenting it or You didn’t interject and explain the impact on the project if we went down a certain path, which is part of your role)
  • E is for Effect (You are a real team player and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve here or Are you aware that the project team relies on you and your expertise to highlight potential risks and by not doing so could increase overall costs)
  • F is for Future (Please continue to do that and be a role model for others in the team, thank you or In future, please ensure you highlight risks to the project in the following meetings)


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