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5 steps to a great induction.

A well planned and tailored induction will significantly improve the effectiveness, engagement and the outputs of new employees. It’s also going to help with the Happiness-meter. Latest research points to it being more important than ever in recruiting and retaining talent and in filling new employees with confidence in their new employer, role and company knowledge, from the outset.

So, what is a good induction? Here’s my 5-step approach to a great induction.

Relationships: Have planned introductions and dedicated time with those people your new employees need to work closely with. This is all about starting to build relationships and trust within the team. It is also worthwhile thinking about how new employees connect as a group and support each other through the early stages.

Vision: Think about who is going to share the company vision with new employees. Is it a company director and what a powerful message that sends to new starters, or is it their manager? Either way is great and there needs to be a clear link between the company vision and how their role helps deliver the company goals.

Clarity: Schedule time to go through new employees’ job descriptions and what you expect them to achieve by month one, three and six. Include some engaging objectives to focus new employees and to avoid drift or becoming overwhelmed.

Resources and Access: Ensure new employees have the right resources to do their job. The number one frustration from new starters is not being able to do their work because IT doesn’t work, they don’t have access to drives or they haven’t got their PPE in time, etc. You know the drill… so let’s get organised.

Check In: It’s so important to schedule time to check in with new employees and have meaningful conversations about their experience so far and what support they need to succeed. Every organisation has its own ways of working so this is a great opportunity to go through “how things work round here” and help them understand the company culture. Simple things such as how to claim expenses, how the photocopiers work, how to fill in timesheets are all part of the learning curve for new employees. Some companies have a Culture book, work instructions, policies or procedures to read. Other companies offer a buddy system to learn from a competent colleague. Whatever the company set up, it is prudent to take time to make sure everything is explained and understood.

You might now be thinking that an induction is much more than just day one and you are right. The induction period is more than the five-slide company overview that hasn’t been updated for 2 years.  For me the induction period is like a giant dot to dot game, it’s the start of a new journey, it helps create a greater understanding and gives people a chance to be involved from the start. Every organisation has an opportunity to make the first steps count and create a sense of belonging for every new employee.

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Thumbnail image or logo for the Diversity & Inclusion - Who's on your dancefloor? Online workshop event

November 2, 2021

Online workshop: Join our expert Jude Harvey to help you move beyond the talk and start the walk, learn how to take your first steps to Diversity & Inclusion

About this event

Join our expert Jude Harvey to chat about the common challenges in starting your Diversity & Inclusion journey and learn how and where to start.

We’ll look at practical and sustainable ways to implement D&I into your business, avoiding tick boxes along the way.

Don’t feel like you’re alone, we all know how important this is to people and businesses alike, it’s okay not to know where to start. Let’s do this together.


Thumbnail image or logo for the The Huddle - join us online or in person on the day event

November 12, 2021

We are back and this time you can join us online or in person on the day.

Come join a great bunch of like minded people who are looking to expand their professional network and learn along the way. This time we are learning how to build our personal resilience.

Our lives are filled with stress, both good and bad, acute and chronic. Awareness of your attitude towards common stresses empowers you to manage whatever life throws at you.

During this wellbeing workshop with our Wellbeing specialist Craig Ali, participants will learn how to use stress as a fuel, rather than a fire that burns us out. We’ll discuss the stress response and how to activate the relaxation response and take control of the nervous system and manage energy for healthy high performance.

There will also be a section looking at how we can spot signs of burnout within others and how to support them so that they can also thrive in and out of their working lives.

The Huddle is a learning and networking group like no other. We learn together and grow together.

Book your ticket here – The Huddle – Building Personal Resilience Tickets, Fri 12 Nov 2021 at 10:30 | Eventbrite

Thumbnail image or logo for the Who's in the loo? event

November 19, 2021

We’ll be online on world toilet day talking about toilets, yep you read that right,  so pop this event in your diary and save the date.

We’re on a mission to make workplaces more inclusive and toilets come up a LOT in conversation?

For lots of people, toilets are not necessary just the place to go and have a wee…. and we certainly haven’t “cracked” how to make them more inclusive.

Join us for a discussion, debate, thoughts, ideas on making toilets more inclusive as our workplaces become more and more diverse.

Let’s not get “bogged” down with the detail and “Plop” your name and contact details in the Stay Connected form below to do just that and we’ll let you know how to book on to the session. It will be free with some great guests.

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