Small to medium businesses deserve quality HR support just as much as the bigger companies.

HR Consulting

We’re a highly skilled, down to earth bunch of people experts used to delivering projects so you can deliver your business plans.

HR Recruitment

We understand HR and can give you access to the best HR talent on the market.


Managing people can be tough. That’s why we are here to help.
We’re the HR department for lots of small to medium businesses because we believe they deserve the same level of support as bigger companies with their own dedicated team.

We have 2 options available:

  1. You buy a bank of time and we work together so you can make the best use of that time with our skills, consistently adding value to your business.
  2. We offer packages to suit businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Our prices start from £50 per week and they all include a full HR Audit, HR Cloud based system and access to HR advice in case of any tricky situations. (Our most popular option.)

Why would you choose this solution?

You don’t have an internal HR department but;

  • You need to make sure your business is compliant;
  • You’re finding it hard to recruit and retain the best talent;
  • Your people aren’t performing at their best and realising their potential
  • You want to develop a high performance culture;
  • You have high absence;
  • People don’t seem engaged or motivated;
  • You have a lot of disciplinaries and grievances;

We help get to the root cause and develop bespoke solutions with your input – a true partnership.

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“It’s been great working with realise. Claire’s delivery of programme objectives was excellent. She was also forthcoming with raising issues and then communicating them to the wider team.Thank you for your help!”

HR Consulting

We have experience of Talent Attraction & Retention, Change & Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Performance, Employee Engagement, Wellbeing and other areas that boost company performance by focussing on people. We work on a project basis and everything we do will be seamless and integrated as part of your operations.

Our clients also seek our support when they have a team member out of the business for a period of time or if they have unfortunately taken ill. We will do what we can to support at short notice and if we can’t help in those situations, we can always recommend others in the field.

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“Your approach and the quality of your delivery team made it an easy decision for the assessment team who ranked Realise HR as number 1”

HR Recruitment

We’re HR professionals connecting great HR talent with great businesses. Our team are industry experts and have built an incredible network of HR talent across the UK.

A Realise recruitment partnership is:

  • Connected
    Our consultants work with you to truly understand the role, its position, and purpose within the business before connecting with regional and UK networks.
  • Disruptive
    Our finger is on the Pulse of Market Industry trends. We provide creative insight and analysis to help you with your hiring decisions.
  • Specialist
    We work exclusively with HR and People talent. We are dedicated ambassadors within this space and are passionate about our sector specialism.

So, if you’re looking for HR talent, we’d love to hear from you!

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“Realise assisted my company with a number of key areas, their attention to detail is fantastic and I will continue to use them in the future”


Think your business needs some HR input, but not sure where or how? Here are 10 signs you might be familiar with and if this is the case let’s chat.

  1. We’ve hired lots of new people, some are integrating nicely others aren’t
  2. We have huge growth plans and need to review how we are structured to set us up for success but don’t know where to start.
  3. We are introducing new services or products and that means we need to capabilities. Can’t find them in the market?
  4. Your business is growing but your teams just don’t seem to be performing the best they can be… you know what they are capable of but can’t put your finger on why this is?
  5. You’re new to management and haven’t had any much formal people management training or experience
  6. You have a feeling we are not legally compliant and feel exposed
  7. You have no formal performance review / appraisal process in place.
  8. You have no structured onboarding processes.
  9. Staff retention is typically less than two years or perhaps you have lost more staff than normal in the past six months.
  10. Not all your employees have employment contracts

If this sounds familiar, and you would like some advice book in a free consultation with us for a friendly chat.