Managers play a crucial role in any business and have a significant impact on its success. They serve as a bridge between the organisation’s leadership and its employees, helping to translate strategic goals into actionable plans. Managers also have a key part to play in employee engagement, and if they don’t have the right skills to be able to motivate, communicate, give direction, support and develop their own teams, this will have an impact on your overall business performance.

So, where and how do you start to change some of this? This is a multi-faceted challenge; there are many places to look, analyse and change, however, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our advice would be to start having open and honest conversations with your managers to truly understand and assess their situation to help them on the road to being a great manager.

Ask some questions:

  • Do they fully understand their role and responsibilities as being a manager?
  • Do they have the tools and resources to perform their jobs effectively?
  • Do they need support and development?

You can’t over-communicate with your managers, and this must be two-way thing. Taking the time to have a meaningful conversation, answer their questions, and allow them to suggest ideas, will definitely increase their workplace happiness which hand in hand helps them succeed at being a great manager and your business to continue with its success.

With that being said… we have an amazing People Management Programme coming up this October, which has been designed to help you develop your people management skills and learn new techniques.

You can find more information on that HERE or if you’d like to chat further on any of the above, please email