Cumbria’s largest HR consultancy has launched a new service in collaboration with some of the region’s leading training providers to help businesses employ apprentices.

Supported by Kendal College, Lakes College and Gen2, Realise HR is working to address many of the challenges faced by apprenticeship employers including employment law, employee relations, and providing positive people experiences to help apprentices get the most from their learning and thrive.

The company is hoping that by providing important complimentary services to the support already received from education partners, they can help businesses better engage with apprenticeships as well as ensuring more apprentices manage to complete their training programmes.

Martin Norris, Head of Recruitment at Realise HR, said:

“According to a recent think tank, we know that almost half of apprentices (47%) drop out of their training programmes. When you look at the detail, a lot of the reasoning comes down to their experiences at work. For example, 41% of apprentices feel that their apprenticeship is poorly organised, and only 14% believe that their mentorship is appropriately managed. If you’re an SME or employing apprentices for the first time, it can be difficult to know the ins and outs of how to structure apprenticeships within your business and make sure they’re legally compliant. Through consultation with local training providers, we’ve been able to design structured resources to help make apprenticeship employment a much easier process.”

As part of the design phase, the firm brought together a steering group of leading apprenticeship stakeholders from across the county including representatives from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, All Together Cumbria, and the Construction Industry Training Board, as well as apprenticeship employers and training providers from across the county. Kelli Horner, Head of Business Engagement at Kendal College, said:

“Businesses are realising how valuable apprentices are to their sustainability and growth and want to know their approach is going to offer fantastic employment opportunities. Working with Realise HR and other training providers, we identified areas where employers are requesting more support, often in meeting necessary legal requirements and in structuring apprenticeship experiences within their respective businesses. Partnering with Realise HR, we are able to offer valuable support from an experience and reliable source to meet their individual needs.”

Realise HR is excited to be offering a way for businesses to easily get to grips with apprenticeships and enhance the experience of apprentices within the workplace. The resource suite is available for all apprenticeship employers and can be accessed by contacting Realise HR.